RT Edgar (Portsea) Pty Ltd


THIRD PARTY BOOKING FEES: Please note third party booking fees are included in the total rental amount.

BOOKING TERMS:  All booking requests are subject to Confirmation.

Confirmation of your booking will only be made once we receive approval from the landlord and payment of the deposit. Full payment is required for bookings made within one month of the arrival date and 50% deposit for bookings outside a month.

The registered tenant undertakes that they have read and will adhere to the Terms & Conditions. It is expected that the registered tenant will exercise due care in protecting the property and contents from damage.  The cost of repair or replacement to damaged property will be deducted from the security bond.

For security purposes, the registered tenant must supply a mobile phone number and ensure that they are contactable 24/7 when occupying the residence.

No schoolies bookings are permitted or bookings for groups 25 years of age and under.

Method of payment - Cash or Credit Card. Please note that a fee of 1.55 % incl GST applies for each credit card transaction (Mastercard or Visa) (2% for Amex)   50% DEPOSIT is required to secure a booking or FULL payment if the arrival date of the booking is within 4 WEEKS.  Adequate Identification must be shown prior to keys being handed over.

Confirmations are subject to re-issue if incorrect through error or omission and the tenant must pay the correct cost to secure the reservation. If a tenant makes a booking error when booking online, regardless of whether it involves the dates or property, RT Edgar Portsea takes no responsibility for their error. 

FUNCTIONS/PARTIES/NOISE: Our properties are NOT for hire for weddings, functions or celebrations of any kind. A $2,000 immediate fine (security bond will be forfeited) will be incurred should an unauthorised function be held at the property, or if complaints about noise result in police/security being called to the property. If security/police are called to the property for any reason the tenants will be evicted forthwith. A $150 call out fee will be deducted from the security bond if RT Edgar staff have to attend the property. No Marquees/jukeboxes or DJ’s permitted on our properties.

CANCELLATION TERMS:  If the property is re-let for the entirety of the proposed occupancy a service fee charged at 10% plus GST will be deducted from your payment. If the dates are not re-booked your full payment received will be forwarded onto the Landlord.

CHANGES TO BOOKING DATES:  An administration fee of $55 will be charged each time a booking is altered.

SECURITY BOND:   The security bond is to be processed as a credit card pre authorization, which will freeze the nominated amount. The cost of any damage to the property caused by the tenant or other occupants is recoverable and deducted from the credit card held on file as security. The security bond will be processed on the last business day prior to your arrival.

Disputes regarding damage, cleaning or rubbish will not be entered into unless reported to our office upon arrival at the premises. Damage or breakages to the property must be reported to our office immediately. If a tenant or any occupant is at fault, charges will be deducted from the security bond. If we, the agent are required to assess the property due to damage or excess cleaning a $150 call out fee will be deducted from the security bond.

The number of occupants must not exceed the number agreed with the Agent upon booking. We must be notified by email, prior to arrival, of any increase to the number of tenants agreed to.  The landlord will be compensated $100 per person for extra tenants. RT Edgar Portsea reserves the right to immediately evict occupants and tenants will forfeit the bond if occupancy agreement is exceeded. The number of tenants may determine the amount of bond held.

LINEN:  If the property does not supply linen, tenants are required to bring their own linen including: top & bottom sheets, pillow cases, towels, bath mat & tea towels. Linen service is available on request and is charged per bed and must be ordered in advance of your booking. Always BYO beach towels.

POOLS & SPAS:  Please do NOT tamper with any pool and/or spa equipment or settings or remove cleaners from pools or you may incur the cost of a technician to rectify the settings and service the pool.

SEPTIC SYSTEMS:  The majority of properties are on septic systems - Do NOT flush foreign objects (sanitary or wipes) into the toilets which can cause blockages and you could be liable for damage.

BBQ:  If the gas bottle for the BBQ is empty or low, please exchange at the local hardware or call Peninsula Gas & Fuel on 59811433 who will deliver a replacement bottle.  Please retain your receipt for reimbursement. BBQ's must be properly cleaned at the end of your stay, otherwise there will be a $75 cleaning charge.

PETS are not to be kept on premises unless the landlord has granted permission. Pets are not permitted on beds or furniture. A fee of $200 will be incurred for cleaning & steam cleaning if required. If pets are permitted by the landlord, you must ensure there is no evidence left that it was on the property. Pets are not to be left unattended at the property at any time.

SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED INSIDE OR OUTSIDE AT ANY PROPERTIES:  Any evidence of smoking or butts left at the property will result in a fee of $200 for cleaning, steam cleaning or repairs required from smoke damage. For any butts left at the property, including grounds or garden, a fee of $40 will be charged from the security bond.

COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES of any type are prohibited at any property.

PARKING is only permitted in allocated bays and driveways within the property. Please do not park on nature strips or on lawns or garden beds of property.

STAFF ASSISTANCE:  Should you require a staff member to visit the property due to any problem during your stay, a $150 attendance fee may be incurred if the problem is not an appliance fault. Unless it is an emergency please contact us during office hours.

UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES: We as Agents act in good faith when taking bookings; therefore we accept no responsibility for:

Bookings made over the phone or by internet which may not proceed. Incorrect dates entered by tenant when booking.

Action taken by owners that may be beyond our control, such as a property being sold, rental rates being increased prior to confirmation of booking, or the property being removed from the rental market, we will endeavour to find another suitable property for the dates required.

Construction/gardening works in neighbouring blocks, road maintenance etc.

Gardeners & pool technicians who may need to enter the property during your stay for their regular maintenance visits.

Failure of utilities and appliances if they cease to function, however we will report incidents to landlords and follow their instructions.

PRIOR TO ARRIVAL & DURATION OF STAY:   Should tenants require cleaning of a property during their stay, this will be at the tenants’ expense and fees should be paid directly to the cleaner. Cleaners must be booked prior to the commencement of a booking to ensure they will have time available.

EMERGENCY TRADES & SERVICES:  Any maintenance issues must be reported to our office or phoned through to the after hours’ number. No responsibility will be accepted for maintenance accounts not directed through our office.


1. Premises must be left clean and tidy. Furniture and crockery is to be left in the positions where they were found, and all rubbish removed from the property. A charge of $100 will be incurred if furniture is moved by tenants. PLEASE LEAVE MATTRESS PROTECTORS & VALANCES ON THE BEDS.  If the property requires additional cleaning, we will send through a cleaner at the tenants’ cost which will be deducted directly from the bond.  Please put rubbish in correct bins provided and place out on Sunday evening for pick up the following morning. Place the bin facing to the road. Bottles, magazines, newspapers, etc. will not be collected if they are not INSIDE the bin. A minimum charge of $60.00 + GST will be deducted from your Bond when bins are left full and surplus rubbish is left outside the bin, therefore requiring a trip to the tip. 

2. Houses are to be vacated by 10.00 am on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed with RT Edgar Portsea.  If housekeeping staff are inconvenienced or rescheduled due to late departure, tenants will incur a fee of $45 per hour, deducted from the security bond, until all tenants have vacated. 

Please treat the house you have chosen with the same respect you would as if it were your own.

ITEMS LEFT BEHIND AT PROPERTY:  If we are required to collect items left behind a minimum charge of $30 applies, plus postage if required.  Collected items will only be held in our office for 14 days.

DISCLAIMER: RT Edgar Portsea acts as the agent and is not the owner of the property, therefore has no direct control over presentation, configuration or maintenance. RT Edgar takes no responsibility for any modifications or out-of-service equipment at the property where we have not been notified by the owner.

INDEMNITY: You agree to indemnify RT Edgar Portsea against any loss directly or indirectly incurred by RT Edgar Portsea resulting from property damage and/or breach by you of any of these Terms and Conditions including but not limited to loss of management fees and revenue where the owner terminates their agreement with RT Edgar Portsea.

PROPERTY ID CODE:   ________________              BOOKING ARRIVAL DATE:  ________/________/________


DATE SIGNED: ________/________/________       BOOKING FOR:             Adults              Children (Please complete numbers)

Please return a signed copy of these TERMS & CONDITIONS to our office, at least 24 hours prior to arrival.

We thank you for choosing one of our holiday rental properties and wish you a very happy stay on the Mornington Peninsula.

RT Edgar Portsea – Holiday Rental Team